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Dispute resolution is a generic term mainly concerned with an area that used to be more commonly known as “litigation”. The use of the term has grown as the Courts in this country have encouraged the parties to “resolve” their differences or disputes rather than “fight” their cases through the Courts.

There are a broad range of issues covered by this term and some areas are dealt with in other sections of this site, but here are a few of the most common:-

  • Disputes between a client and their professional advisor such as an architect or surveyor,
  • Disputes over a product or service and,
  • Disputes over land (rights of way, rights of light, rights of support, boundary disputes and problems with neighbours).

The vast majority of disputes involve the following two principles:-

  • That a right, recognised by the law, has been infringed; and.
  • That someone has or expects to suffer some loss, usually financial.

The usual remedies sought are to stop the infringement and/or compensation.

Whatever, the reason for the dispute, it will be unwelcome, and is likely to be stressful and emotive.  In our experience there are few disputes that are clear cut and we will analyse the problem carefully, advise you as to your legal position and explain your options, including whether mediation is appropriate.  We know that the cost of bringing or defending court proceedings and the likely outcome are foremost in a client's mind and we we offer practical and straightforward advice and assistance.

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