Sharon Hundal considers the proposal by Sir David Metcalf, the Government’s Director of Labour Market Enforcement to give protection for vulnerable employees
Partner, Sharon Hundal sets out the Government's concerns about the number of vulnerable employees
Partner, Sharon Hundal explains the rights that employees have in respect of weather related absence.
Sharon Hundal considers who pays for employee's snow days.
Litigation solicitor, Haris Ahmed considers recent case law in which litigants in person have not been afforded greater leeway for failing to comply with the rules
DIY litigants may not be able to rely on their ignorance of Court rules and procedures to justify non compliance
Finance Manager, explains the steps taken to protect money belonging to clients.
How Safe Is A Client's Money When It's Held By Solicitors?
Changes to SDLT have led to property investors diversifying from residential property to commercial property.
Commercial Property solicitor, Jatinder Kandola considers the impact of the stamp duty surcharge on property investors.
Breaking up is not always hard to do...
Jatinder Kandola, considers break clauses in commercial leases.
Care solicitor, Francesca Lambert-Amaning examines how the Governments target of 26 weeks to conclude care proceedings is actually working in practice.
The number of new proceedings issued by Local Authorities combined with funding cuts adversely impact families.
Emily Carrington, Resolution accredited family solicitor considers recent cases which have challenged the principle of equality in the division of matrimonial property.
The successful appeal by Julie Sharp has demonstrated that the Court may stray from the principles of equality in divorce proceedings.
Partner, Diana Rose considers the common and mistaken assumptions that are made in relation to property and finances by couples who live together.
There's no such thing as a common law marriage...