Effects of COVID-19 on Residential Possession Proceedings

So the much anticipated Coronavirus Bill became law on 25 March 2020 (now called the Coronavirus Act 2020) and despite the hype about the government introducing a complete ban on evictions for 3 months and additional protection for renters affected by coronavirus, the final law is significantly watered down. Perhaps the most significant change is […]

Commercial Rent Practices During COVID-19

he majority of Landlord and Tenants have been pragmatic and worked well together in relation agreements and debt management for commercial properties. By now, the majority of the UK Landlord and Tenants are aware that as a result of new Coronavirus Act 2020, commercial leases cannot be forfeited due to rent arrears, but this does […]

Landlord and Tenant Covid-19 Questions

Questions from a Landlord’s perspective My Tenant has requested a rent holiday. I am happy to help them with this, how do I do this? The majority of Landlords and Tenants are working well together to come to an agreement about rent, for example by either changing the rent payments from quarterly to monthly, or […]