Advocacy is the shop window of the legal profession with its rich history and traditions of wigs, collars and gowns. At Borneo Martell Turner Coulston we offer Advocacy services for our Clients from our pool of experienced Solicitors who cover a very wide area of Law.

With increasing financial demands we often advise Clients on an ad hoc basis when they conduct their own litigation or negotiation. However when it comes to Application or Final hearings they choose to use our expert Advocacy service which can be tailored around their budget and needs.  

If your case is complex and requires an expert Counsel, we can always call on the support of numerous barristers, both locally and in Birmingham or London with whom we have built up an excellent working relationship over many years.

This enables us to provide the full range of advocacy services, which include the following type of hearings:

• Mortgage Possessions
• Charging Orders
• Injunctions
• Rent Possessions
• Bankruptcy
• Insolvency & Winding Up
• Defending Applications to suspend warrants of execution
• Small Claims Track
• Fast Track
• Case Management Conferences
• Interim Applications including Applications for strike out and summary judgment
• Small Claims/Fast Track Appeals

For more information, please contact David Bacon or Sharon Hundal on 01604 622101 or at [email protected] or [email protected]

If you need advice or assistance please email: [email protected]

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