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Clients and their relatives are often worried about whether they will be able to leave anything for their loved ones to inherit if they have to pay for their care.

Under current rules, if a person who is in care or about to go into care has capital of more than £23,250 they will need to pay the full cost of their care.  Their income will also be taken into account.

The cost of care varies across the country and also depends on the type of care being provided but it can be as much as £800 per week.

Our accredited Elderly Client specialist and her colleagues have experience in advising clients and/or their family members on the following: -

  • The rules on paying for long term care,
  • How to obtain funding assistance from Health and Social Services,
  • What will happen if they have already given assets away to family members,
  • Whether they will have to sell their home even if someone else still lives there,
  • What happens if their co-own their home,
  • How to recover money that has been spent funding care when statutory funding either from the NHS or Social Services should have been available,
  • The options available to the executors of an estate where the person was in care and self-funded prior to their death.

We understand that the prospect of paying for care or continuing to do so can be daunting for clients and their relatives.  This is especially true if they are worried that their funds will not stretch far enough to fund the care they require for the rest of their life.

The issue of self-funding can be complicated as the rules and guidance are lengthy and are interpreted as to individual care needs and financial means.  Every case is different.

Our specialists will offer straightforward and practical advice, simplifying the complexities so that your family and you will understand how the rules apply to you, whether you can qualify for help and whether you can recover money already paid or protect your assets.

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