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Making a Will is something that is most often 'put off' until the future.  However, leaving it might mean it's too late; and this means that the law will determine who gets your property, money and other possessions and in what proportion.  These are known as the Intestacy Rules and they may mean that those loved ones who you wanted to benefit from your estate are unable to do so.

By not making a Will, it can cause unnecessary expense and dispute amongst family members and others at a time which is already difficult and upsetting for those left behind.

Our Partner led team of specialist lawyers are able to offer you practical advice and guidance on how to plan for your future, make a Will and provide for your loved ones.  They understand that families can be complex and that the decisions about what is to happen to your property, money and other possessions can cause worry.

You should make a Will if you: -

  • Want to chose who benefits from your estate when you die
  • Want to decide in advance who will be responsible for arranging your funeral and distributing your estate
  • Have children under the age of 18 years and want to appoint guardians for them and plan how and when they benefit from your estate
  • Are separated from your spouse or civil partner or are divorcing
  • Are not married to your partner as the Laws which apply when a person dies without having made a Will do not provide for them
  • Want to specify what type of funeral service you want and whether you wish your body to be buried or cremated
  • Want to leave specific gifts to particular people for example jewellery, paintings etc.
  • Own a business

Our capable and experienced team are able to provide straightforward and comprehensive advice as to your options.  They are aware that family issues need to be dealt with sensitively and they aim to take away the complexity and uncertainty that you may face.

For high net worth clients, our lawyers are able to offer inheritance tax advice and often work with independent financial advisors and accountants to ensure that clients are able to plan their future and provide for their family in the most tax efficient way.

We offer: -

  • Fixed fees for many of our Will services
  • Free Will Storage
  • The opportunity to register your Will with national will register, Certainty.

If you would like advice and assistance in making a Will, please call 01604 622101 or 01536 523434 and ask to speak with one of our specialist Wills lawyers.

If you need advice or assistance please email: [email protected]

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