Our Partner led family team have a breadth of experience and expertise in all aspects of family law.  Our specialism and excellence is reflected in the number of Law Society Panel members that we have in both Children and Family law.

We believe that each client is unique and we offer advice that is suitable for individual requirements

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In any relationship breakdown there will be issues relating to finances whether this is simply sorting out a joint bank account or selling your home as well as dividing any joint assets. The needs of your children will also be taken into account. The courts presently deal with finances for those who are married and those who are cohabiting in a different way and we can assist in either case. Our specialist team can deal with all financial issues, refer you to mediation, if appropriate, assist you with court documents and/or represent you at court.

Again we are aware that costs will be a big issue for our clients. Any costs paid to us will reduce the amount of money you have left to set up a new home and continue to support the family. We always bear this in mind so offer a range of services. Again we offer both initial and fixed fee interviews to discuss the way forward. This is not an area where it is possible to offer a fixed fee as each couples financial position and needs will be different but we do offer a “Pay as you Go” service as well as our traditional hourly rates.

Our experienced team will be able to provide advice and help to simplify this complicated area of law. We aim to help you to achieve the right settlement for you and your family.

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