Mohammed Rahman

Full circle for Mohammed Rahman

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A lot of people have recently asked me the question “How long have you been with Borneo Martell Turner Coulston Solicitors?”
Well, having thought about why people ask this, I do not think it is important how long have I been at the firm, but for me personally, it’s about how I am linked to the firm.

My personal history with the firm goes back to my father, Mr Abdul Rohim, a local businessman, who started off with very little, but with the help of other local businesses, such as Mr Leo Coulston, of “Leo Coulston Solicitors” back in the 80s, he was able to set up his first restaurant and sign a lease to a Town Centre prime location property in Northampton. Leo was not only my father’s Solicitor, but also a friend.

Over the years I remember having to come into both the Billing Road (Northampton) & Station Road (Kettering) offices after being picked up from school by dad, for him to meet with Leo or his team to discuss his business or property matters. I couldn’t find a photo of both dad and Leo together, but I could find one of a Charity Night my dad held in the late 80s where Leo Coulston and his wife attended.

At the age of 15, I had to pick somewhere to do work experience, being interested in law, I found myself at “Borneo Martell” in Notre Dame Mews, Northampton. I worked with Mr David Bacon (now retired). I loved the time there and got a lovely certificate from Northampton Chamber of Commerce for my time there (which I have proudly framed and placed on my office wall at work).

After my Legal Practice Course, I decided to do another stint of work experience, but this time for the firm which now became “Turner Coulston” and worked with Keith Turner (now retired) and Clare de Banke (now the Managing Partner).

Fast forward a few years, and I got the job at what is now known as “Borneo Martell Turner Coulston”. Funnily enough, I was interviewed by the two people (David Bacon and Clare de Banke) who I worked with separately during my separate stints of work experience.
Call it fate, call it hard work, call it my geekiness from a young age of being interested in law, but after four short years of being with the firm which I had my first exposure of law to, I have now become a Partner and proud to be part of the family now known as “Borneo Martell Turner Coulston”.

I would love to continue the work Borneo Martell Turner Coulston Solicitors have in their history done for people like my dad and continue to help all those SME Business and Property owners in and around the Northants area and hope to make Borneo Martell Turner Coulston Solicitors and my dad proud 😊


Mohammed Rahman