Motoring Offences Costing Information

We are able to offer advice and assistance for motoring and road traffic offences. 

If you need legal representation in relation to a summary offence such as speeding (i.e., an offence which does not carry a potential custodial sentence) our fees are as follows: –

Fixed fees in summary offences:-

1 hour initial consultation

£225 plus VAT

Guilty Plea hearing

£550 plus VAT

Additional day at Court (pre-sentence reports)

£285 plus VAT

Special reasons/exceptional hardship hearing

£800 plus VAT

Trial – one day

£1,600 plus VAT

Additional days at trial (per day)

£600 plus VAT

Police Station attendance

£225 plus VAT per hour

These fees apply where the police station and/or Court are in Northampton.  If attendance or representation is required outside Northampton, then additional fees may be payable.

Please note that the fixed fees that we quote do not include any fees which may be payable to a third party.  Those are known as disbursements and will be in addition to any fees you pay to us.  We will advise you if we think it is likely that you will incur any such fees.

Additional work which falls outside the scope of the list above or which is more complex will be charged out at £225 plus VAT per hour.  This is the hourly rate of Mr Andrew Amaning who is a solicitor with 11 years PQE.

If you are successful in your case the Court will consider a defendant’s cost application which if granted, will reimburse some of your own out of pocket expenses but probably not all. Reimbursements of costs will only be at the legal aid rates, irrespective if you have met some of our fees on a private fee-paying basis. In other words, you are unlikely to recover more than a contribution to your private bill.  Please note however that if you lose your case there is a possibility the Court may order you to pay all or part of the prosecution costs even though your own costs may be recovered under your Representation Order.