Property Fraud is on the Rise

Property fraud is on the rise.  Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are creating new identities to raise funds by way of mortgages or sell properties that they do not own.  The main properties that are at risk are those that are empty or being rented, however, owner occupiers can also fall victim to these scams.  So much of our personal information about us and our property is out there these days it is not hard for criminals to find enough personal information to obtain identification to allow them to pose as a homeowner.


Sign up to HM Land Registry’s free Property Alert service to help protect your property from fraud.  You can sign up for alerts on your own property and / or that of a relative.  If you own multiple properties, you can choose up to 10 properties to monitor.


The Land Registry will send you an email alert each time there is significant activity on the property, such as a mortgage being taken out.  The Property Alert won’t stop fraud from happening but it will allow you to take quick action if something untoward is happening to your property.


To create a property alert for your property, go to: