Tribunal Pricing Information

Below is an indication of the typical range of costs involved within the process of Employment Tribunals for both Employees and Employers. The range takes into account the differing hourly rates along with the complexity of the matter, A simple matter will be towards the lower end of the range and a more complex matter will be towards the higher end of the range.

The costs can often be lower than those stated below, for example if an early settlement is reached. Also, certain steps may not be required on all matters, such as a Preliminary Hearing. The costs will be adjusted in these cases.



All charges will be quoted at:-

Sharon Hundal’s hourly rate of £265 per hour plus £53 VAT (charged at the current rate of 20%). The total hourly rate including VAT is £318.00

Tim Vaughan’s hourly rate of £285 per hour plus £57 VAT (charged at the current rate of 20%). The total hourly rate including VAT is £342.00

£265 + VAT per hour

£285 + VAT per hour

Drafting and submitted ET1/ET3 form to the Employment Tribunal:


· initial instructions,

· reviewing documents,

· initial advice to you,

· drafting the ET1/ ET3 form,

· drafting the particulars of claim and submitting this to the Employment Tribunal.

£750.00 – £2,000.00 +VAT (charged at the current rate of 20%)

Dealing with an Employment Tribunal from the start – To potentially include:

· liaising with ACAS to enter into the early conciliation process,

· drafting and submitting ET1/ ET3 form,

· liaising with the Employment Tribunal,

· reviewing theET1/ ET3 form,

· complying with Case Management Order,

· preparing for and attending a Preliminary Hearing

· instructing Counsel (Barrister) for the Hearing

· Preparing bundle for the Hearing,

· drafting schedule of loss, witness statements,

· entering into Without Prejudice negotiations to try to settle the claim before the Employment Tribunal goes ahead,

£3,000.00 – £14,000.00 + VAT (charged at the current rate of 20%)


Disbursements are fees or costs payable to third parties. In this context the likely disbursements will be limited to expert reports (such as a medical report) and Counsel (Barrister)’s fees.

Counsel’s fees will vary depending on experience but will generally range from £600.00 – £2,000.00 per day

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